Obutto Flight Stick & Throttle Mount

Reference: OBO8673090


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Attach your flight controls to the suitable mounts and immerse yourself in the game like never before with a realistic cockpit seating position!

The flight stick can be mounted for center or side stick flying.

General Aviation - our base cockpit provides a height adjustable yoke mount. If your yoke clamps to a desk, it will clamp to our cockpit, and the included pedal plate provides a perfect mount for rudder pedals.

WWI & WWII - If you prefer flying the old warbids of the past, with your stick between your legs, just add our Flight Stick and Throttle Mount accessory and you will finally have a realistic seating position while combing the skies for bogeys!

Fly-by-wire - If you prefer the latest in jet fighters, just attach your stick on the right and throttle on the left. Whatever your preference, the Obutto can accommodate!

Compatible with Obutto oZone & Obutto r3volution cockpits.


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Very good Stick and Throttle mount

Very solid materials, easy to mount, absolutely commendable.


Good product

The product is good, but I have received the screws with oxidation, contacted support but nobody returned.

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