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For Work

At Obutto, we threw out everything about the desk & chair, and focused on being comfortable when using a keyboard & mouse. This meant Changinf the unnatural upright seating position to a more "laid back" or reclined seating position by raising the legs, which distributes your weight acreoss more of your body. So instead of all of your weight on your backside, it is now spread from your lower thighs to your lower back. From this more natural seating position armrests are no longer needed, and it is finally possible to use yout keyboard & mouse for hours with no more aches.

Gaming Desk

You don't have to be uncomfortable when gaming. Obutto gaming cockpits provide an enhanced ergonomic seating position in relation to your keyboard, mouse & monitors. Game for hours with no more aches & pains!

Space Sim

The utlimate immersive experience while easily switching between flying and comfortable FPS

Flight Sim

Immerse yoursel in your own cockpit with mounted flight controls and full keyboard and mouse functionality

Sim Racing

Race in your own cockpit using a proper race driving position, along with full keyboard/mouse functionality


Data sheet

110cm (approx.)
69cm (at widest point)
147cm (approx.)
Real car sports seat finished in black cloth with synthetic carbon fiber look bolster guards. Recline-able. Real car seat sliders for easy adjustment. Seat Mount to floor: 17cm
Thick wall 3.2cm diameter carbon steel x 2.2mm thick wall. Finished in matte black power coat.
Box Dimensions
102x62x57cm 50kg
Monitor Mount
Supports up to 32'' LCD monitor. Adjustable hight. VESA bolt patterns: 75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm, 200 x 100mm. Detachable from the frame cockpit.
Keyboard Tray
Swiveling keyboard and mouse tray. Neoprene cover for mouse grip (included). Adjustable in hight, angle and distance.
Pedal / Foot Tray
Adjustable in hight, angle and distance. Rubber cover for grip (included). High Position: 15cm
Steering Wheel Mount
Adjustable in hight (higher you position it, the closer it will be to you, since it sits at an angle). Controllers can be clamped or hardmounted (drill is required).
Shifter / Mouse Mount
Adjustable in distance and hight. Controllers can be hardmounted or clamped. Dimensions: 17cm x 15cm

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I pre-ordered this product and the only issue was the time of delivery because it wasn't available at the time I ordered it. Anyway when it came i was so excited to unbox the product and to set up my gaming pc. The keyboard trey is awesome you don't need a mouse pad anymore, the monitor stander is well made and it doesnt move no matter how much you shake the seat. I have a 32' Monitor and it's perfect for it, so if you have any doubts that it's too big or about how you'll mount it... it's very easy to assemble all the pieces together. A high quality material, the metal and the seat are well made. In conclusion you're making yourself a service if you buy this if you sit over 3h/day in front of a computer. 5 stars for the chair, 5 stars for the monitor stander, 5 stars for keyboard trey and 5 stars for the rest of the equipment. Thank you Obutto!


Almost perfect

This product is really good quality and i like how i can play every game on this, do work and play simulator. Only negative i can say is that they really should redesign this seat because like many has said it is too narrow. Little wider seat would make this set must have entry level simulator rig! Hands down!


Worth the price

Exellent in almost everyway. Quality comes to mind when I think my new gaming seat. I have only one thing that could be better and that is that the seat is littlebit too narrow. Is the time goes by it has stopped to bother me that much but I would recommend the developers to widen the bottom of the seat for extra comfort.



Customer service great, delivery great, product good. In general is a very stable, best keyboard tray, heavy and mobile. Ozone an excellent base. Problems: - wheel base is not drilled, you have to do it yourself and its not easy considering its suport position - the chair is to short, my back of the head has no suport, if you accelerate too fast .... - the monitor suport its too far away from your eyes, you will have to buy another monitor suport with an arm and drill holes again As a conclusion this is a good base, I recomend it, but if you are not good with the tools ... you will get exactly what you see. I am a satisfied customer - you cannot find something better for 1000 $, and this was 600.


very good seat for the price

This is an excellent seat. It is stable and is very complete (mounting monitor, gear, keyboard). The only issue I had was to fix my fanatec CSL because there is 2 bars bellow the wheel plate. So I had to add 2 pieces of wood to fix the wheel.

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