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Obutto r3volution

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For Work

At Obutto, we threw out everything about the desk & chair, and focused on being comfortable when using a keyboard & mouse. This meant Changinf the unnatural upright seating position to a more "laid back" or reclined seating position by raising the legs, which distributes your weight acreoss more of your body. So instead of all of your weight on your backside, it is now spread from your lower thighs to your lower back. From this more natural seating position armrests are no longer needed, and it is finally possible to use yout keyboard & mouse for hours with no more aches.

Gaming Desk

You don't have to be uncomfortable when gaming. Obutto gaming cockpits provide an enhanced ergonomic seating position in relation to your keyboard, mouse & monitors. Game for hours with no more aches & pains!

Space Sim

The utlimate immersive experience while easily switching between flying and comfortable FPS

Flight Sim

Immerse yoursel in your own cockpit with mounted flight controls and full keyboard and mouse functionality

Sim Racing

Race in your own cockpit using a proper race driving position, along with full keyboard/mouse functionality


Data sheet

116cm (approx.)
63cm (approx.)
158cm (approx.)
Real car sports seat finished in black cloth with synthetic carbon fiber look bolster guards. Recline-able. Real car seat sliders for easy adjustment. Seat Mount to floor: 17cm
Thick wall 3.2cm diameter carbon steel x 2.2mm thick wall. Finished in matte black power coat.
Box Dimensions
Box 1: 860mm x 790mm x 305mm - 56kg / Box 2: 1360mm x 560mm x 310mm - 17kg
Monitor Mount
Fully independent from the cockpit frame. Compatible with LCDs from 19'' to 55''. Adjustable in hight, distance & angle. VESA bolt patterns: 75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm, 200 x 100mm.
Keyboard Tray
Fully adjustable, with an articulating arm. "L" bracket for perfect positioning. Neoprene cover included. dimensions: 815mm x 315mm
Pedal / Foot Tray
Adjustable in height, angle & distance. Rubber cover included. 25º angle adjustable. Dimensions: 47cm x 43cm
Steering Wheel Mount
Pre drilled for the most popular racing wheel brands. Adjustable in hight, distance & angle.
Shifter / Mouse Mount
Adjustable in distance & hight. Controllers can be hardmounted or clamped. Dimensions: 17cm x 15cm

Specific References


obutto r3volution

I would like to talk about what for me are small flaws that could be corrected in future versions, the mounting of the monitor could be improved since it does not cover all vesa systems, normally 55-inch televisions have a vesa format of 400x400 or 400x200, unfortunately you have to buy adapters to put them on, sincerly I think that a support for these vesa could be added and not have to look it up on amazon. I have a thrusmaster tpr, they are complicated to install since they are quite wide and hit the structure, it could be made 5cm wider and taller and they would have that problem solved. the seat is fine but when you have everything installed, steering wheel, pedals, hot wheels, keyboard, mouse, etc., being so low the seat makes it a little uncomfortable to get in and out of it, a good option would be to be able to raise or lower the seat From 5 to 10 centimeters, the part where the keyboard goes is fine but the tube where it hooks should be pierced so that it does not slide down, over time although it is very tight it ends up giving and lowering and you have to raise it again . Sincerely it is a good cockpit but with some adjustments it would be even better and more comfortable.

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extremely sturdy, flexible and comfortable. i use it for both work and gaming (flight sims). highly recommended


Completely Satisfied

I decided to buy r3volution because I was looking for a rig that would accommodate my needs for simracing as well as standard desktop gaming and work. It does all of that and more. The frame is extremely strong, the seat is very comfortable but could be a bit too small for a bigger fella. The monitor stand easily holds my 49" ultra wide. The assembly time is quite long but the available how to videos from Obutto are very straighforward. I cannot recommend this rig enough! Note: I also bought the tabletops which filled the otherwise missing desk space.


Perfect but

A real manual for installations would been better than videos, At the end I missed 4 Flat washers and 5 Spring Washers. Anyway the product is very good quality.


R3volution and Acrylic Desktops

The Obutto R3volution is a great piece of equipment. I use it during my work as a software developer and for gaming. The latter mostly sim gaming. With the steering wheel mount in the slanted down position it is possible to prevent the wheel (250 mm) blocking part of the monitor-screen. The chair is very comfortable. The seating position during sim gaming is like sitting in a real (sports)car. My monitor has all its connectors directly besides the Vesa-mount. I had to cut the Vesa-mount of the monitor-standard to a 100*100 pattern to prevent the large Vesa-mount blocking the monitor-connectors. Mounting the Vesa-mount with a 90 degree turn is possible, but then the tilt-function of the monitor-standard is gone. The left acrylic desktop I use in a slanted position for the most used documentation during software developing. The right one is positioned horizontally and is used for my glasses, a few office things, a cup of coffee and my smartphone. Getting in and out of the rig is less easy then getting in and out of a normal desk-chair. It's a bit like getting in and out of a low sportscar. I bolted the shifter-mount in the most rear-position and use it as a support for the keyboard/mouse-tray after swinging that in position. The assembly of it all takes some time and its best to follow the guide given in the YouTube film of Obutto about this subject. Happy camper overhere!

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