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The obutto r3volution cockpit transforms the way we use a computer!  Designed for achieving ergonomic use of your keyboard & mouse, this new uber cockpit delivers much more.

With the more powerful hardware & software available today triple monitors is a necessity for improving productivity as it allows more than one window open at a time in a users line of sight.   Let's face it the desk was never designed for computer use, the seating position is uncomfortable and use of the keyboard and mouse for more than an hour make the body ache.  Furthermore, in the modern age, there is much less paperwork than ever before....everything is accomplished with computers.

The obutto r3volution cockpit was solely designed to use a computer.    With a fully articulating keyboard/mouse tray which is positioned low and just above your lap, and the fully adjustable sliding & reclining real car sports seat along with a foot rest that elevates the users feet, comfort is unparalleled.   In over 6 years of using our cockpits for work, often over 10hrs a day, I can say without a doubt that our r3volution workstation is simply the most comfortable way to use a computer!

  • designed specifically for computer use
  • ergonomic seating position with raised leg position
  • ergonomic use of the keyboard & mouse
  • enhances productivity
  • less costly than cubicles
  •  more space saving than cubicles
  •  includes mounting locations for common peripherals
  • fully articulating main monitor mount with over 20cm of travel
  • side monitor mounts for triple screen setups
  • even includes a cup holder
  •  photo on right shows a typical workstation setup which includes our r3volution cockpit and two accessories (r3v tabletops & r3v triple mount arms)


Just like many people around the world, I worked from an executive desk & high back chair for more than 12 years, every hour or hour and half getting sore and having to get up and walk around, grab a drink, go to the bathroom, stretch, etc.  All of this time wasted as I was not sitting at my computer working.

Traditional style desks, and all modern variants (ie computer desks) were simply NOT designed to use a computer, instead they were made to accomodate writing.   With the obutto r3volution productivity can increase immeasurably as your employee's will take less breaks to soothe their aching muscles in their current cubicle workstations.  With the obutto r3volution, you will be able to offer your staff unparalleled ergonomic comfort when using their computer so even their time at their computer will be more productive.

The goodness does not stop there!  With our fully articulating acrylic tabletops your employess will have easy use of peripheral controllers and input devices such as laptops, tablets, writing tablets, and even 4th or 5th displays.   The tabletops, when mounted, offer desk space, but they also rotate, tilt and can be positioned easily anywhere in front of the user.  The main VESA monitor mount comes with a fully articulating arm so users can pull their main monitor to within inches of their eyes, very useful in graphics design or architecture applications.   All of the above can be accomplished while seated fully back with no leaning forward, and having a natural ergonomic reach to the keyboard & mouse.

Overall, our open design allows for many future enhancements or add-on accessories which we are constantly researching to develop.  As the current cockpit stands it will easily meet all cubicle requirements and more, cost less than a cubicle, enhance your staff's productivity, and more importantly be far more comfortable and healthy for your employees.