a small collection of what our happy racers have to say about the obutto cockpit

Troy from Virginia, USA "I've looked at a lot of sim racing rigs and I must say that I was a bit skeptical that the oZone was going to support my equipment, but it really does fit like a glove. Honestly, for the money, I don't believe there is anything currently on the market that has all the features of the oZone. The fact that it can easily support an ECCI wheels/pedals is astounding and I just can't find any faults with the construction. I think the oZone is simply fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive and versatile sim race frame solution."

Colin from Quebec, Canada "...... ya I got the cockpit and it freakin' rocks! No problems at the border, nice weather, great drive in the Rex! Played LFS for like 3 hours last night and got within .03 secs of my PB and I haven't played in months! What a difference it makes...."

Vic from Ontario, Canada "Just wanted to drop you a line and say how amazing the cockpit is. I finally got the whole thing set up and I have been racing non stop. I can't get off this thing. Thanks for making a realistic, comfortable and awesome product.

I'm using the G25 steering wheel and the ACT shifter. Both work great on your cockpit. The box it all came in was HUGE."

Terry from New Brunswick, Canada "I just have to tell ya that i'm really enjoying my obutto cockpit. Been playing first person shooters and driving sims and its a blast . It is so convenient and comfortable . Been spreading the word bro :) "

Nolan from Alabama, USA "The Obutto is kick ass! I'm havin a great time with it and find that my old body is no longer sore after a few hours of racing. I'm very glad you were able to provide such a nice product at a great price."

Brad from Texas, USA "OMFG. This cockpit is made entirely of two things. Pwn and Win. That's all. Assembly was a breeze, took no time at all."

Brent from Hawaii, USA "I just wanted to pass on my thanks again. This rig rates number one on my list of must have recommendations for any other race simmer. How immersive is it? Even though the rig wont move one iota, I find myself leaning into the corners when I race in it... Congrats on a wonderful product!"

Ken from USA "Just gotta let you know how fantastic the Ozone is. There is nothing out there that can touch this rig for price AND construction!  It is rock solid stable and comfortable.  Seat and wheel position is spot-on per-fect.  I can't imagine driving a rig with the steering support between your legs. Anyone thinking about buying an Ozone, don't hesitate, you won't be sorry!!"

Nate's wife from TX, USA "Chris, you helped me get the "best wife award". Thank you. A side effect of buying the obutto for Nate is I'm getting so much help with laundry and dishes I don't know what to do with the extra time."

Mike from Ohio, USA "I just wanted to let you know that I’m very satisfied with my Obutto cockpit.  It seems almost overbuilt, very sturdy, and very comfortable.  After reading some comments about competitor’s chairs requiring welding repairs, I had emailed to ask about large users ( weight about 315 myself), and you assured me that the cockpit would handle my size quite well.  You were absolutely correct, it’s solid and handles my size without strain.  It really makes long racing sessions almost effortless.  I really enjoy GTR2 and EVO much more not that I don’t’ have to chase my pedals around."

Andrew from NY, USA "Just wanted to let you know that I received my cockpit a week or so ago and it is awesome.  But you knew that.  No complaints at all.  I do have a questionfor you though.  Do you have any plans to perhaps sell a monitor stand that would allow for a triple monitor setup?  I’m sure I can rig something up when the time comes, but I would much prefer a dedicated solution.  Thanks again.  Terrific product."

Billy from TN, USA "Got my chassis yesterday & VERY pleased with the quality !!! I bet your ears were burning while I was unwrapping the 15,000 miles of tape & bubble wrap  But was glad to see the packing kept it as new during shipping !!! I was surprised at how sturdy it is & how comfortable the seating position is !!! I didn't realize the seat reclined until it got here , very nice touch !!! I would like to get a couple of the adjustment knobs if possible for backups , let me know how to order.  Thank you again for all the help in my purchase!"

Aaron from IN  , USA "I got it yesterday, set it up, and got to run one race in it.  I really like it. What people say about it is true.  The seat is comfortable.  I have a Subaru WRX and it actually makes me feel like I am sitting in my car.  

Want a quick review?  Assembly is easy.  It comes with all the components disassembled. It did not take long to put together.  It is basically just strong metal tubing and and metal plat-forms.  The keyboard platform has a soft surface.  Monitor height and wheel height are adjustable quickly with hand knob bolts.  The seat has sliders so you can reposition. I'm 6'3'' and I fit fine.  My girlfriend hoped in, slide the seat forward and she was fine (she's about 5'7'')  The foot pedal pan angles down, and is covered with a grippy, rubbery material.  My pedals have not moved.

The seat, like my car seat, has wrap around type support.  The seat also supports the lumbar region.  And, the seat reclines for short naps.  

If you feel awkwardly positioned sitting at a desk with the pedals on the floor, like I did, or you get lower back fatigue, I can recommend this to you.  And, I don't think you will find anything of such sturdy construction, and awesome seat, for any less money.  So if you don't want to pay the big bucks but want a cockpit, check out Obutto. http://www.obutto.com/home.html

.............Last night, in my second Obutto race, I raced with Dale Jr.  He had the pole and I was third so I started right behind him.  I was so freakin excited I was almost shaking.  I kept it together and didn’t wreck and finished fourth.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel like last night’s race was my birthday present.  Plus, I got to do it in my new cockpit.  How cool is that?"