Proper race driving position

Race driver's seating positions are quite different from the seating position we use in every day driving. The main reason for this is so the driver can have full use of the larger muscles in their upper arms, shoulders & back to control the steering wheel.  A non-effective driving position is with the wheel low and/or with your arms stretched out as this uses the small twitchy muscles in your forearms, wrists and hands.   Below we will cover 3 main points of a proper race driving position:

  • Steering Wheel Height: The height of the center of the steering wheel should be near the front base of your neck.  This is obviously much higher than our street cars.


  • Distance to Steering Wheel:  The easiest way to acheive the ideal distance from your steering wheel is to adjust your seat so that when you stretch your arms straight out your wrists lie across the top of the steering wheel. Make sure your shoulders are touching the back of the seat.  Once you place your hands in the 10 & 2 or 9 & 3 positions on the wheel your elbows will be bent at an approximate 90-100 degrees


  • Distance to pedals:  The ideal position varies but you should not be too close where your legs are cramped and not too far so that you cannot depress all the pedals without stretching your legs.


All obutto cockpits were designed to allow users achieve proper race driving positions.

Alain Menu in his Williams Renault Super Touring Car

Smokin' Joe at work in his BMW Super Touring Car

1998 Alfa Romeo Super Touring Car