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the uber cockpit!!

For the past 6 years obutto has lead the way in providing gamers & computer users a more comfortable way to use their computers.   With our original obutto oZone gaming cockpit thousands of hardcore gamers discovered they could actually be comfortable during those long gaming sessions.  Also, their controllers (ie steering wheels, yokes, flight sticks, throttles, pedals) could be attached to their cockpits to provide a level of immersion never found before.   While there were & still are other sim-racing only cockpits available on the market, the obutto oZone gaming cockpit was the first and still is the only cockpit to provide full ergonomic use of your keyboard & mouse.  

After many years of exceeding our customers expectations with a reasonably priced gaming cockpit, we now would like to introduce our new uber cockpit, the obutto r3volution.

We have spent the last 1.5yrs making our original cockpit even better!  More aggressive design, more adjustability, and yes even more stability!   As you can see this is a completely different cockpit designed from the ground up!  Our r3volution cockpit further expands on replacing traditional desks or so-called "computer desks" with a purpose built computer workstation.

The r3volution, just like our oZone cockpit, was designed for computer use.   A low fully articulating keyboard tray that rests just above the user's leg's provides a very ergonomic arm position when using a keyboard & mouse.  Due to this low keyboard tray height, and with the help of the side bolsters of the seat, there is no need for arm rests.    Only in the r3volution & oZone can one comfortably use a computer for hours and hours with no more aches & pains!

What our customers have to say

Troy from Virginia, USA "I've looked at a lot of sim racing rigs and I must say that I was a bit skeptical that the OBUTTO was going to support my equipment, but it really does fit like a glove. Honestly, for the money, I don't believe there is anything currently on the market that has all the features of the OBUTTO. The fact that it can easily support an ECCI wheels/pedals is astounding and I just can't find any faults with the construction. I think the OBUTTO is simply fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive and versatile sim race frame solution." ..............see Troy's full review here

Colin from Quebec, Canada "...... ya I got the cockpit and it freakin' rocks! No problems at the border, nice weather, great drive in the Rex!  Played LFS for like 3 hours last night and got within .03 secs of my PB and I haven't played in months! What a difference it makes...."

Brad from Texas, USA "OMFG. This cockpit is made entirely of two things. Pwn and Win. That's all. Assembly was a breeze, took no time at all."  

Mike from Ohio, USA "I just wanted to let you know that I’m very satisfied with my Obutto cockpit.  It seems almost overbuilt, very sturdy, and very comfortable.  After reading some comments about competitors chairs requiring welding repairs, I had emailed to ask about large users ( weight about 315 myself), and you assured me that the cockpit would handle my size quite well.  You were absolutely correct, it’s solid and handles my size without strain.  It really makes long racing sessions almost effortless.  I really enjoy GTR2 and EVO much more not that I don’t’ have to chase my pedals around."

Nolan from Alabama, USA "The Obutto is kick ass! I'm havin a great time with it and find that my old body is no longer sore after a few hours of racing. I'm very glad you were able to provide such a nice product at a great price."


Don't miss the all the new and older reviews from our customers on the internet!  Our customers are so pleased with their cockpits they post reviews all over the internet, just search for "obutto" in your favourite browser.  Here are a couple of sites to get you started: