Obutto A10 Warthog Suporte Joystick e Acelerador

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For all you flight sim'ers, especially those with the awesome Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, we've released a mount specifically made for hard mounting your kit!

As Warthog owners know, to hard mount the stick you remove the wide base and are left with a slim cylinder base. Our A10 mount is shaped identically to the bottom of that cylinder base and is pre-drilled for hard mounting. What this provides much better use of the stick if center stick mounted, as well as much better looks. The throttle mount is also shaped to match the Warthog throttle and comes pre-drilled for hard mounting.

Compatible with Obutto r3volution & Obutto oZone

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Muy buena comra

Magnifica compra, se adapta a la perfección al Hotas


Top quality product fast delivery

I Used this product as a part of a diy project of dcs VR chair. mounts are made very well from Superb material, perfectly welded both mounts are interchangeable with 3 different sized holders package comes with screws to mount joystick and throttle both devices fit just perfectly. Package arrived within a week. I'm very satisfied with the purchase


Very good

Very good stick and throttle mount for the hotas warthog. i just wished, the throttle mount could be adjusted a little lower. But all at all its simply fantastic.


A10 Flight Stick Mount.

Excellent quality. Solid mounts for joystick and throttle. Can involve a bit of trial and error to get them fitted in the correct position. I needed to move the keyboard tray fitting forward so the joystick fits. This makes it quite a small gap between them but both a fully useable. These mounts really complete my cockpit for flight sim use in VR.



Well done product

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